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Keto diet fails at this…

If you eat a solid keto diet and still don’t get your desired results, it’s not the diet: it’s your training!

Keto is first and foremost anti inflammatory, gut flora friendly, anti-cancer and has weight normalizing properties as a side effect. It’s not the main thing with keto, but it works very well for fitness, weight lifting and endurance training if that’s your thing!

Reaching a specific fitness goal requires HARD work and a dedicated training routine. You will need that regardless of diet.

TheKetoPod – episode 2 Ketosis and ADHD

TheKetoPod episode 2 – Ketosis and ADHD, ADD, Anxiety and depression!

Click the player above to listen or download the episode here!

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Here’s the articles mentioned in the episode: 

  1. How does the ketogenic diet work
  2. The potential mechanisms behind keto treatment
  3. Correlation between cortisol and serotonin
  4. Keto enhances cognitive impairment 

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6w blood/ketone measurements – 7 years of keto!

I recently did a 6 week experiment measuring my blood sugar and blood ketones, everyday to see if I was as keto adapted as I thought I was. I blogged about this every week on my Swedish blog, and this is the summary – in English!

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HOW to choose supplements! (NO AD!)

No this is not an ad for anything, this is just me telling you what to think about when choosing supplements!!

As soon as I post a picture on instagram where I look resonably fit, the questions keep pouring in: “what supplements do you take?” “what BCAA should I pick?” “what brands do you use?”

Number one: brands doesn’t matter!

No, brands are mainly marketing and doesn’t say much about the product. Some brands have a good reputation, some are very famous, but are they really better? Sometimes famous brands can be awfully bad because they already have their place on the market and can focus on optimizing profit by… yes? Changing the content to something cheaper because they don’t need to earn your trust as smaller brands need to do!

1. How to know which supplements to buy?

Look at the packaging, read the labels, what does it say? If we take BCAA for example, because I get asked a lot about BCAA on the keto diet (yes, you can sip your aminos with confidence on the keto diet!)

So what does the label say? L-leucine, L-lysine and L-valine yes? If there’s more ingredients than that it’s not BCAA! Best ratio is 8-1-1 and ratio is always stated on the packaging. Don’t by 2-1-1.

2. What’s a clean supplement? 

As stated above – it’s when it doesn’t contain anything else. You don’t want 10 extra ingredients that you know nothing about! If you want magnesium DO NOT buy a mixture of 3 different magnesiums, it doesn’t get any better. In fact, the opposite is true! If you want potassium, buy potassium powder. I always pick POWDER over capsules!

3. Sweeteners or not? 

I use sweeteners but I always avoid aspartame and acesulfame-K! There’s plenty of natural sweet tasting substances so you really don’t have to chose the worst ones. Why not pick something with stevia? Or berry extract? Plenty of options. The reason I chose sweetened over non-sweetened is because I use BCAA to increase my liquid intake. My goal is a gallon a day (of water preferably), but I’m at half a gallon now or something.


“Is this and that a good supplement?” I can’t answer that because I don’t know YOUR purpose behind you taking it. Don’t take a supplement “just because” you need to have some intention behind it. Read reviews, read forums, what does others say?

Remember – always always always read your labels!


TheKetoPod – Insulin, calories & weightloss

Welcome to the first episode of TheKetoPod!

All concepts and scientific articles are listed and linked below. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Insulin hypothesis 

Scientific papers disproving insulin hypothesis

Papers showing insulin release from fat

Paper promoting calorie hypothesis

Paper showing insulin resistance and lower rate of weight gain

Papers showing insulin sensitivity and growth factors in children


Fat burning hormones: Glucagon and adiponectin

Insulin release – biphasic and monophasic 

Fat storing hormone – ASP 

Fat metabolism with carbs: The carbohydrates ensures that the citric acid cycle can take care of all the acetyl groups formed by the fat. Acetyl groups enters the citric acid cycle, or krebbs cycle, by reacting with oxaloacetic acid to form citric acid. The cells therefore need new oxaloacetic acid, and forms pyruvate ions, which in turn comes from the glycolysis. 

Fat metabolism with fat: In the absence of acetyl groups oxalacetic acid will instead react with each other and form ketones, which drives the beta oxidation. And that is technically how fat burners burn fat in the absence of carbohydrates.

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