Keto diet fails at this…

If you eat a solid keto diet and still don’t get your desired results, it’s not the diet: it’s your training!

Keto is first and foremost anti inflammatory, gut flora friendly, anti-cancer and has weight normalizing properties as a side effect. It’s not the main thing with keto, but it works very well for fitness, weight lifting and endurance training if that’s your thing!

Reaching a specific fitness goal requires HARD work and a dedicated training routine. You will need that regardless of diet.

Set, reps and rest time

fucksugar_2I’m a big fan of heavy training because I think it’s the only thing that can really SHAPE the body. Nothing else really does it for me. I have tried Crossfit and other training styles, but simply “lifting” is the way to go for me. Bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull ups, dips… stuff like that!

So when people ask me about set, reps and rest time between sets, I usually tell them this:

I never do more than 8 reps per set. 5-8 is standard, but I can go as low as 1-3 reps from time to time.

I do about 5 sets, and I try to keep it heavy enough so that 5 sets doesn’t feel to little. Rest time is 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer but I try to keep it within 10 minutes. I want to be fully rested between every new set, to be able to push myself as hard as the set before!

Every repetition should be performed as a 1RM (repetition maximum) with great focus, technique and control.

This is how I do it, I think it’s the best way to build solid mass!

How do you do it? How much rest time?