The power of great routines

12362608_450581098483204_1451350123_nI constantly try to improve my routines, so that the large part of my everyday life runs as smooth as possible: What and when I eat and train, who I meet and what I wear is all scheduled to minimize the use of my “decision muscle”. I don’t want to spend a minute on useless decisions like what I’m going to eat for breakfast.

My sunday routine

This is a very cozy routine and I highly recommend it. Every sunday, I sleep in till about 6.30 am. Then I walk to my favorite café just across the street where I live. I bring my laptop, notebooks and planner and start with some journaling. I write down my feelings about the week, my expectations and thoughts. I write down things to improve, things that didn’t work out as planned and so on.

Then I check all my goals; weekly and monthly goals and sometimes even my long term goals just to see if I’m on track. I tick the goals I’ve accomplished, write down new ones and analyze if they are consistent with my long term priorities.

The café is completely empty around 7 so I can sit there in silence for at least 3 hours before the first people drop in.

plannerJournaling and goal planning complement each other

The diary is used to analyze thoughts and feelings, to make sure I really know what I think and feel about stuff. I bet most people use their friends for this, but I don’t want to be influenced by other people. A couple of years ago, I always asked other people what I should do, and that’s pretty pointless. They will just give you their opinion based on their own situation, not on yours! I haven’t met a lot of people that get excited when I tell them about my goals, it’s much easier for them to say stuff like “Isn’t that super hard? Isn’t that too expensive? Dangerous? Too vain?”

Nowadays I act first, and then tell others what I’ve done. It’s a huge difference for the better.

Do you have a great sunday routine to share with me?

The importance of consistency


The strategy for achieving long-term greatness in almost any category whether it be health, fitness, business, relationships, spirituality or emotional health is to be consistent. It’s absolutely crucial if you want to make any significant change or improvement in your life

Since I’ve been a keto enthusiast for several years now I get a ton of questions from impatient people about health improvements, weight loss and strength gains on the keto diet. When I ask how long they have been on the diet the response is almost always “2 days”, “a week” or “a couple of weeks” which is no time at all. Lowering blood sugar and inflammation, balance hormones and lose weight is a process. It takes time which is why there’s no room for “cheat days” and all that kind of stuff; you just can’t cheat success and there’s no way around consistency.

Let me share my 5 tips for keeping on track!

Keep your eye on your why!

You need to know why you are making certain lifestyle changes, why you want to improve your health, get fit or lose weight. If you know why and remind yourself often it’s much easier to stay on track. What’s your higher purpose?

Narrow down your focus

Don’t try to change a thousand things at once. I know it’s tempting but start with one thing and keep at it until it’s a habit. This is why I always recommend people that are new to low carb not to be too strict in the beginning but to make it a habit first. After the diet feels natural you can move on and look at individual micronutrients, additives, food sources, ketosis etc.

Schedule your new habits

If you want to write a book or get fit or whatever your goals are you need to make time for it. Take a look at your calendar and see what you can leave out. Your new habit will steal time from something else, that’s just the way it is.

Push trough the pain

Everything is a bit painful in the beginning but just stick with it and remember that the day will come when it’s not painful or tedious anymore.

Get back up on the horse!

It doesn’t matter if you miss a work out or fail to be consistent in the beginning. It happens to everybody. Just get back up on the horse and continue according to plan and schedule. Remember that it takes about 10.000 hours to become really good at something. If you are consistent and create new constructive habits you can become world class in anything you want!