Recipe – delicious fatty sourbombs!

Tired of the sweet sweets?
I am too!
This is a fresh, keto-approved treat to curb your cravings!


Equipment silicon mold, mixer
Cook time
15 min
Total time 1h 15 min
Yield 2 medium sized silicon molds (about 20 fat bombs)

8-9 oz (250g) coconut butter
2 oz (55g) coconut oil
Lemon zest from one organic lemon
2 table spoons of juice from the zest lemon
1 teaspoon of ginger spice

Warm the coconut butter and the coconut oil in a pan. Don’t boil, just heat it up a bit until it turns liquid. Pour it in a blender together with the zested lemon, lemon juice and ginger and blend until smooth. Pour into the silicon molds and refrigerate until solid, which will take about an hour or two.

Tell me if you try the sourbombs and what you think about them!