Thoughts on refeed

Right now I’m debating whether or not it’s worth being 100% keto or not, or if the value lies in the self experimentation. I use to say that I’m 90% keto, because keto is not just “low carb” it is sticking to 60% fat or more on a daily basis!

Living in China, that can be really tricky from time to time, and sometimes I need to settle for low carb alternatives. Meat and veggies are everywhere, easily accessible, but the oils are really bad here! There’s no point in eating a lot of trans fats, vegetable oils or otherwise inflammatory fats rich in omega 6 fatty acids. I also travel a lot, like last year when I traveled over 14 times to Sweden, Hongkong, Korea, US, Australia, New Zealand etc but the trip to Australia and New Zealand was actually my first trip I did 100% keto because I was so well prepared!

I packed macadamia nuts, tuna and avocados to eat on the airplane and had tons of food in my backpack when we were out trecking 🙂 That trip was a whole other level of preparation than I’ve ever experienced before, and I’m totally ready to do that again!

Took me 7 years to get to that point though, so I totally understand the value of trial and error, self experimentation and exploration. My current thought is that trying and failing is a good thing, it’s getting to know ourselves in a longer perspective.


What do you think?

Set, reps and rest time

fucksugar_2I’m a big fan of heavy training because I think it’s the only thing that can really SHAPE the body. Nothing else really does it for me. I have tried Crossfit and other training styles, but simply “lifting” is the way to go for me. Bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull ups, dips… stuff like that!

So when people ask me about set, reps and rest time between sets, I usually tell them this:

I never do more than 8 reps per set. 5-8 is standard, but I can go as low as 1-3 reps from time to time.

I do about 5 sets, and I try to keep it heavy enough so that 5 sets doesn’t feel to little. Rest time is 5-10 minutes, sometimes longer but I try to keep it within 10 minutes. I want to be fully rested between every new set, to be able to push myself as hard as the set before!

Every repetition should be performed as a 1RM (repetition maximum) with great focus, technique and control.

This is how I do it, I think it’s the best way to build solid mass!

How do you do it? How much rest time? 

Recipe – delicious fatty sourbombs!

Tired of the sweet sweets?
I am too!
This is a fresh, keto-approved treat to curb your cravings!


Equipment silicon mold, mixer
Cook time
15 min
Total time 1h 15 min
Yield 2 medium sized silicon molds (about 20 fat bombs)

8-9 oz (250g) coconut butter
2 oz (55g) coconut oil
Lemon zest from one organic lemon
2 table spoons of juice from the zest lemon
1 teaspoon of ginger spice

Warm the coconut butter and the coconut oil in a pan. Don’t boil, just heat it up a bit until it turns liquid. Pour it in a blender together with the zested lemon, lemon juice and ginger and blend until smooth. Pour into the silicon molds and refrigerate until solid, which will take about an hour or two.

Tell me if you try the sourbombs and what you think about them!

Shady products for increased ketones (BULLSHIT)


The picture above shows urine test strips that you can buy at your local drug store. They detect ketones in your urine, and I usually recommend this simple methods for beginners. If you have been following a ketogenic diet for many years, they may not work but this article is for the beginners 😉

The road to ketosis can be long and tedious, and shady alternatives are luring everywhere. I’m taking about products that you can eat (food or supplements) that will either ease your transition into ketosis, or put you in ketosis in the blink of an eye. Raspberry ketones and Keto//OS are some examples, might be more out there that I don’t know of. Ingesting ketones won’t get you into ketosis, it just doesn’t work like that. Ketosis is a metabolic state triggered by excessive breakdown of fatty acids in the liver. The breakdown of fat is key here, not the ketones per se.

I’ve tried a multitude of supplements that promise to increase metabolism and/or suppress appetite (don’t judge! it was many years ago!) and some of them work but most of them do not. The ones that work are the appetite suppressing ones. It’s important to remember that every endocrine process in the body is being controlled by negative feedback, which makes it very, very hard to actually increase the fat metabolism with a supplement (unless you’re using illegal or prescription drugs)

That’s why “fat burning supplements” usually just contain the usual stimulants in high amounts.

Go for the REAL ketones!

  • Want to burn body fat and nothing else?
  • Want to burn fat without hunger and energy loss?

Follow a ketogenic diet, consistently without any re-feeds. Combine the keto diet with physical exercise if you feel like it, but you will see results just by changing your diet.

The keto diet is as effective as it is challenging, and it requires a great deal of effort from you. It requires you to go clean and avoid everything that’s not fish, meat, eggs, poultry, green veggies and fats from avocados, olive oil, butter/ghee, coconut oil and lard. If you dare to try it I assure you amazing results, and when you find your sweet spot losing body fat is as easy as pressing a button.

I wrote a book about all this and it’s available HERE!

Cure your sleep apnea with tape!

f1yeHVOThis is what I looked like before the sleep tape… 

Cure your sleep apnea with tape!

I didn’t know that I was suffering from light sleep apnea until one of my friends got a CPAP from her doctor. It’s a machine used for severe sleep apnea. It’s basically a pressurized mask that you put over nose and mouth during the night. It adds some dampness as well, making the air perfect in both oxygen content and humidity. She told me all about the effects of not getting enough oxygen during the night, because that’s what it’s all about. I recognized myself in some of the criteria she listed for me:

  • You always have a big glass of water by the bed
  • Your mouth is dry like the dessert when you wake up
  • You wake up because of thirst or need of taking a leak
  • You wake up tired
  • Snoring

Check on all of them (except snoring!)

She told me that I could try to use tape during the night, to make sure I only use nose breathing. When breathing through the nose, the air is warmed and cleaned and there’s no interruption in breathing.

So, I tried it and let me say that it takes a while to get used to! First night you will most likely wake up in horror and rip the tape of your face. The trick is then to put the tape vertical, not horizontal!

downloadI tried both vertical and horizontal taping, and now I do the horizontal taping. One cool thing is that if my nose is stuffed when I get to bed at night, it clears up within minutes of taping and I begin to breathe easily. Taping is also quite calming, and I wake up EARLIER and with EASE! No drinking or peeing during the night, and no dry mouth!

What kind of tape to use

I use drugstore paper tape for sensitive skin 🙂 Cheap and easy!



Ketosis and alcohol – can you combine it?

11235997_970707842969858_1792942855_nSo can you enjoy a glass of wine or a drink on your keto diet?

The almighty keto gurus out there will tell you that; NO! It can’t be done! No alcohol, no caffeine – just quit everything you enjoy in life!

But I will tell you otherwise, I definitely think alcohol is ok as long as you consider these 2 things!

1. When in ketosis, your body is already breaking down a type of alcohol which means that you will be very drunk on a tiny amount of alcohol. If you’re new to ketosis, be careful with this! ONE glass of wine might be enough.

2. Distilled alcohol doesn’t contain any carbs, which means that you can drink vodka, rom, tequila, whiskey etc. Anything that’s 40% or above, put please consider point number 1!

Want to drink beer or cider? Forget it, unless you can find carb-free alternatives (we do have a couple of those in Sweden, have you seen it?)

Want to drink wine? Go for DRY wines and stick to 1-2 glasses. Check the labels!

Don’t be surprised if your ketones are gone the day after!

Shit happens, especially if you’re enjoying a cheese platter with red wine. It looks pretty keto, but it will probably affect your metabolism and ketones a bit. Don’t buy drinks in a bar, they will most definitely contain sugar, and stay away from the beer. Then you’ll be just fine!

Do you drink alcohol on the keto diet? How much? 

Personally, I stick to 1-2 glasses of red wine/month. I think I can get away with that 😉

No it’s not the lactose!


I don’t know if this is a local or global trend but I have noticed a lot of health bloggers and youtubers choosing lactose free products. My first reaction to this is… why? It seems like a lot of people believe that dairies are sooo healthy once the evil lactose is removed! No, it’s still a dairy and the most evil part of the dairy is NOT removed. The biggest problem with dairies is the dairy proteins (whey and casein) because these proteins are very dense and hard to digest for our gut. It means that a lot of these dense proteins find a way out to our blood stream via the intestinal walls. If this is the case, the problems will be much more subtle (and severe) than just lactose intolerance. It will give raise to (or worsen) anxiety, worry, depression, autoimmune disorders, aches and pains.

Reoccurring stomach issues are often due to gluten, fibres and fructose rather than lactose. I do understand dairy loving (lactose intolerant) people that buy lactose free products, it makes sense… but for the rest of us? I think it’s a weird health trend!

Is this only in Scandinavia? 

How to keep your new weight (set-point)


A lot of people are curious about the body’s set-point and how to affect it, so let’s talk a little about that. Set-point equals your body’s desired weight, the weight you automatically fall back to when you just eat whatever you feel like. 

Many people believe that it’s easier to gain weight than to lose weight, but the body is always striving for balance so both gaining and losing is equally hard. If you carb or calorie restrict a couple of days and lose a couple of pounds, it’s not REAL pounds! It’s water weight! It’s the same thing if you binge for a weekend and gain weight. It’s not solid fat gains, but rather water and “stomach content”.

This doesn’t mean that your set-point is set in stone, it’s not. Most people increase their set-point a little every year, thus getting fatter and fatter.

How to change your set-point!

Losing weight is pretty easy for most people but KEEPING IT OFF is the difficult part! As soon as the goal is achieved, it’s not uncommon to experience a slow and steady weight gain a short while after. This is because a new set-point was never achieved!

You can get any set-point you desire, this is the trick!

  1. Lose/gain the weight needed

People are generally failing at the second point, not keeping the new weight long enough. The process of losing (or gaining) weight is NOT DONE just because you are happy with the numbers on the scale!

Make sure to keep your new weight for at least 6 month!

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